What We Do

Helping Communities During Disasters

   Our Principles of U.A.D.R.T.

Here’s Just Some of What We Do

United Americans Disaster Response Team’s focus centers around 4 foundations to flourish our purpose for an all hazards approach to disasters.

1. Education: UADRT commits to a standardized training system for any volunteer. With preparedness, we commit our focus to scopes such as financial resiliency, basic first aid, radio communication, environmental sustainability, increase  awareness for public health, and investing a network of private and public partnerships throughout every community in The United States. United Americans Disaster Response Team promotes education to empower any citizen, regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion, or lack of religion.

UADRT is committed to providing free education to volunteers who assist one another in a time of need.

2. Empowerment: United Americans Disaster Response Team believes that effective Response starts with support. We achieve this by asking what the community needs and by prioritizing the commonwealth of the public. To achieve this, UADRT focuses on public and private partnerships to support our neighbors in need.

3. Interoperability: United Americans Disaster Response Team foundation is to be of service. Our belief is to be an asset in any environment with the needs of a crisis. Our foundation focuses on creating partnerships with emergency management agencies to help with what is needed in a disaster. United Americans Disaster Response Team commits to providing training and education to any response with federal training standards recognized by all agencies.

4. Resiliency: United Americans Disaster Response Team believes that an organized and trained community, can save lives. Our foundations pillars of education and training along with organization with our partnerships, can organize a community. We look to unite our communities before the crises comes, not after.

United Americans Disaster Response Team commits to a culture of resiliency in mitigation, response, and recovery.  Some of our programs include Home away from Home Program which provides assets needed during the response and recovery efforts.

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Home Away From Home



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