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United Americans Disaster Response Team

About Us

United Americans Disaster Response Team was created in 2020 by individuals of the emergency management field, first responders, public safety officials and veterans who are committed to helping one another. Our purpose is to empower citizens of the every community through proper education and training by federally certified instructors. We commit to private and public partnerships to innovate, create, and be vital toward individuals in need. Our goal is to enrich the communities and families in the United States to prepare, recover, and respond to an all hazards approach in disasters.


Disaster Studies


The Federal Government found with The National Strategic Framework of 2018-2022  created by The Federal Emergency Management Agency, found that Many people will experience a disaster or an emergency at some point in their life. And during these emergencies they find out that they are in fact the true first responder.

The more severe disasters may render homes uninhabitable and destroy important documents and possessions. Potentially leading to people leaving their communities temporarily, sometimes even permanently. Even worse, some of these Disasters can lead to the loss of life.

Another study done by The National Household Survey of 2022 showed and noted that one of the key features of the Disasters was "People are taking fewer preparedness actions since the COVID-19 pandemic started." The actions least taken were shown as such "Getting involved in your community" AND "Planning with your neighbors". They encourage you to come together as a community to become prepared.



Here at United Americans Disaster Response Team (UADRT) we help Facilitate And Encourage safe opportunities for communities to re-connect for preparedness in any Disaster scenario.

With our experience United Americans Disaster Response Team's vision is to broaden the awareness and show the impact disasters may have. UADRT focuses on supporting communities by strengthening individuals within the communities, through education at no cost to the individual.

Our organization BELIEVES in supporting and assisting local and state emergency management agencies UADRT also BELIEVES in bridging the gap in communities in order to create partnerships with a purpose of Investing in our communities Nationwide . And our approach starts from the home of the members and how they can help the community.

Through experience, we realize that it takes a community and the only way to do it most effectively is to educate and train the everyday citizen.

United Americans Disaster Response Team is a 501(c)3 public charity with the organization documents framed around public trust and transparency. For any requests or more information, feel free to contact us at our email at




To join United Americans Disaster Response Team is completely free! However in order to maintain standards nationally, and to bring you the best quality Disaster Response our organization requires certification through a minimum curriculum that can be obtained for free. United Americans Disaster Response Team also requires a FEMA Student ID for us to maintain and achieve our mission.

  • Members must be able to pass a criminal background check.
  • Donations are completely optional and not necessary for our   membership.
  • Our organization requires no dues or fees to become a member, and values and invests in every individual to achieve our mission.
  • For more information about joining United Americans Disaster Response Team please visit us at   Uadrt Apply


We Are Your Community

Our goal is to have highly trained disaster relief teams available within a short distance of every community in the country.

We want to provide a consistent base of training on a national level first and foremost, and then focus on specific training based on regional needs. This means that teams from other regions can join local teams and already have standards of communication, logistics and training before boots hit the ground.

United Americans Disaster Response


United Americans Disaster Response Team is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization

All donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

EIN: 85-0664310